How to reconcile casualness and style with Charliebirdy sandals

How to balance casual and stylish with sandals ?

The wearing of sandals is becoming increasingly rare nowadays. Yet it has long been a staple. If it seems to have been replaced over time by flip-flops, or even sometimes flip-flops, the sandals have yet this particular look that could completely fit with the clothing style of today.

However, the sandal is not worn like any other type of sneaker, and wearing it also means that you have to Match your outfit with your pair.

How to create a casual chic look with sandals ?

To reconcile relaxation and style with the sandal man, it is better to opt for simple outfits and tops. Bright outfits’perfectly match with your pair. Of course, it also depends on the color of the latter.

Moreover, matching your top with the same color as the sandals is a very good clothing choice. The white pairs, for example, are worn wonderfully with a sailor or a white shirt and beige pants. On the contrary, although less worn by men, a black pair would go very well with a polo or a black shirt.

The sandal in general already brings a casual side to your outfit. It is therefore important to regulate the rest of your look. By this I mean not to wear too “strict”, too serious, with your pair. Pants and jeans that are too tight do not necessarily go well with this type of shoe.

On the other hand, canvas pants, or simply shorts in summer, reinforce the chic side of the outfit.

A simple, yet essential tip when wearing sandals: keep your feet clean. This seems to go without saying, but beware, because, it is a real “love killer” that will immediately take away the chic side of your look. Likewise, beware of socks, wearing them with sandals is a risky choice, and few outfits can make you assume this risk.

Which sandals to wear for style ?

As with all types of shoes, there are many types of sandals. The most famous are probably the Tropezian sandals. These are more worn by women, but there are obviously models for men. This model immediately brings a very chic side to the foot. With a certain reputation, the tropezian shoes are rather affordable (count on about 40 euros to get them).

Their many straps make this model a good choice for going out on a special occasion.

A model that will bring a vintage touch to your outfit is the spartan sandals. As the name suggests, they were worn by Spartan warriors at the time. The particularity of these sandals are the numerous straps that compose them. The foot is thus more hidden, less visible. Another major difference with the other models is that the spartan shoes can sometimes go up quite high, until sometimes reaching the top of the ankles.

Wearing them is a rather daring choice, but not without class. Better to opt for short bottoms, like shorts, to enhance this model.

The latest model has both casual and chic. These are the leather sandals. Most of the time, they have two main straps at the foot level, they are very comfortable and adjustable.

Recommended by many fashion specialists, the leather model is often the unanimous choice.

What sandals to have style?

Can they be worn for all occasions ?

Yes and no. Sandals are clearly more suitable for hot weather, especially in summer. They also remain a fashionable element to wear occasionally.

It is indeed difficult to wear them every day, but for an outing to a restaurant for example, no problem. As mentioned earlier, sandals in general are a rather daring, risky clothing choice. But, if you can get your different outfits right, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a real style.

However, free to everyone to breaking dress codes, and democratize the sandal to the highest degree. It is clear that wearing them for men is still a bit underestimated, while for women it is much better perceived, but no doubt that with time, the sandal will gain popularity.

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