How to know if you have bed bugs ?

Bed bugs are a real nightmare. They are’Bed bugs can get into your bedding and the infestation develops as quickly as when you get into your bed’If you don’t realize it, it’s too late. How to tell if you have bed bugs in your home ? Which areas should be checked ? How to recognize bedbug bites ?

How to know if you have bed bugs in your home ?

As a precaution or in case of doubt, an inspection is necessary in order to check your home for bed bugs. Sometimes, we realize that the infestation is due to bedbug bites. Bites are the first signs of bedbugs.

If you feel itching every morning, it is time to inspect your bedding.

To find out if you have bed bugs, examine your sheets, your mattress and your box spring. If you find small black spots, they may be bed bug droppings. Bedbugs also leave eggs and skin tags. Since they are active at night, they hide during the day in dark corners.

Wait until you see them when it’s dark.

In case of infestation, change your sheets immediately. Your mattress is unfortunately good for the garbage dump, because you will not be able to disinfect a mattress. For peace of mind, it is recommended to call on a professional.

Professionals use an expert treatment against bed bugs that you won’t find in supermarkets or specialized stores.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

Where are they hiding: the places to check in your house

Although bed bugs are usually found in the bed and sofa, during the day they hide in dark and difficult to access places. It is therefore essential to check :

  • your bedding from all angles
  • your bedroom furniture
  • every drawer
  • your clothes
  • your handbags
  • your suitcases
  • your covers, cushions, carpets
  • your complaints
  • your window frames
  • your doors
  • cracks (wood, floor, plaster)
  • books, piles of documents

It is important to know that the more bedbugs reproduce, the more they invade a large surface in your home. Since they are the size of an apple seed, they can be carried around easily. For example, if you stay in a hotel where there is an infestation, you will bring bed bugs home because they will sneak into your suitcase. Once they arrive at their destination, they will reproduce in your home.

That’s why, to avoid getting bed bugs in your home, it’s recommended that you put all your luggage up high and inspect your Airbnb or hotel room before you move in.

How to recognize bedbug bites ?

The bedbug bites are very similar to mosquitoes. Visually, you will see small red bumps, usually clustered in one place. The pricks are either aligned or in a row’onion.

The most affected areas are those that are uncovered at night.

How do you recognize bed bug bites?

In people who tend to have allergies, the stings trigger a reaction and the histamine will then cause itching, inflammation, or even respiratory problems. To relieve the itching associated with bed bug bites, you can take antihistamines. The traces of bites disappear after a few days, or even a few weeks if you have scratched hard.

Ask your doctor to prescribe a cortisone cream to relieve your itching if antihistamines are not enough.

Bed bug bites are not dangerous, except in case of severe allergic reaction, which is rare. Bedbugs do not transmit a virus. Therefore, in case of a bite, it is not necessary to’There is nothing to do about it’a medical point of view.

Simply try to find out’to stop the’infestation. In addition, disinfect the bites, especially if they are bloody. Hold back if you feel like scratching.

The itching will disappear quickly, as long as the bedbugs’ saliva is no longer effective (when they are exposed)’They inject saliva to thin the blood and make it easier to suck).

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