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Ball behind the what to do about it ?

Lately, you have noticed the appearance of a ball behind the ear . Generally, it is a benign and painless problem that can be resolved quickly, such as a cyst or an inflamed lymph node. This can also be a sign of a more worrying problem. What can be the possible causes of this growth ? How to react when you discover a ball behind your ear ? Mission Santé takes stock for you !

Is that lump behind the ear a cyst? 

The lump behind the ear can be an indication of a problem cyst . It appears in case of i infection or following a hormonal disorder . This small abscess forms under the skin, at the level of the mucous membranes, and can contain gas, blood, but most often water. It is generally not a serious problem if it is treated as soon as possible. Thus, once it has appeared, it must be treated at the risk of causing an infection . You must absolutely avoid manipulating the ball or trying to pierce it. Even if it seems possible to do it, don't do it, because there can be superinfection and subsequent reappearance of other cysts.

It must be disinfected before being removed. A visit to the doctor is essential for the removal of the cyst.

You can also face a sebaceous cyst . It forms in the sebaceous glands that are clogged. This is possible if you suffer from acne. Sebaceous cysts can also appear elsewhere than behind the ear, notably on the forehead or the scalp.

Ball behind the ear, a ganglion ?

The ganglions are numerous and are spread all over the body. Small in diameter, about 1 cm, they play the role of filter of the lymph and eliminate undesirable agents . When there is an infection, they swell, because they fight against microbes. A lump behind the ear may be due to the involvement of an organ lymph node . Playing an important role in the defense of the immune system, it can be strained and suffer inflammation.

So if you are already sick, it simply means that your lipoma is already there body defends itself against pathogens in your body. The lump will disappear either by itself or by taking the medication prescribed for the ailment you suffer from. In the event that the lump persists, consult a physician as soon as possible.

Other possible causes

The case of lipoma

Lipomas are fatty growths usually benign, growing quite slowly and not spreading to other areas. They can appear behind the earlobe even if it is frequent to see them appearing on other parts of the body. A lipoma is mostly soft to the touch. You will only feel pain when it presses on a surrounding nerve.

It can happen in rare cases where the individual presents several lipomas at the same time, otherwise it appears rather in a limited number of places.

A lipoma is found deeper in the skin than a cyst. A surgeon can remove the bone a lipoma, but it is advised not to do so. It is not dangerous for the body.

Natural means are effective to make it disappear as the application of poultice turmeric on the lipoma.


A mastoid infection , the bone behind the ear, can cause swelling so a ball behind the ear. This is the mastoiditis , inflammation of the mastoid bone. Most infections are measles, chicken pox, repeated ear infections, mononucleosis. Mastoiditis occurs much more in children.

It is necessary to be attentive and to consult a doctor as soon as possible, because it requires medical care as soon as possible.

How to react to a persistent lump behind the ear ?

You may experience a lump behind the ear that is neither a cyst nor an inflamed lymph node. The best thing is to get an opinion from a dermatologist reimbursed by the sector 1 or 2, whether in tele-consultation or in his office, in order to evaluate the seriousness and to bring a medical report. When no disease is present but a lump appears and grows, it is imperative to go to the hospital. Also, when the lump is hard, firm and does not roll between the fingers, and when it persists for more than three weeks, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. Only then can an appropriate treatment be recommended as soon as possible.

It is best to take precautions, as a ball behind the ear may be a sign of skin cancer or other types of cancer.


Once at the doctor's office, the latter will ask a series of questions to try to better understand what it is and thus avoid possible complications. The duration of symptoms and possible pain in the area are examples of questions. He can then examine the aspect, the texture of the ball behind the ear and above all to take a history of the patient in order to have an overall idea of his health.

In extreme cases, such as the suspicion of a cancerous tumor, The doctor will take a sample for analysis or an imaging test.

What to avoid with the lump behind the ear

In cases of a ball behind the ear, certain actions should be avoided above all. Generally, as we have seen, the growth is benign and does not require a major intervention. However, it is important to avoid making any mistakes self-diagnosis followed by self-medication .

The only thing you could do would be to wait a few days if you know you are ill. This is surely a matter of lymph nodes fighting pathogens. However, if the ball behind the ear persists beyond a week, the color being that of your skin, without inflammation, consider consulting.

It is necessary to do it more quickly if you feel that the ball is sensitive, painful with flow. Consult when the ball changes or gets bigger, when the baby is in the womb headaches and dizziness occur, as well as a hearing loss .

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