What is jelly belly and where to find

What’What is jelly belly and where to find it ?

Jelly Belly, a delicacy that Americans love, and so do we ! More and more, American snacks are coming to France and candies are appreciated by children and adults alike.

The Jelly Belly, but that is this is ?

Fans of American series and movies certainly already know the Jelly Belly, very common in the United States. But this brand, c’is much more than just American candy.

Important element: everything is in the right place’first the Jelly Belly are gluten-free and free of animal gelatin. What distinguishes these treats from the rest of the market is the fact that they are gluten-free and free of animal gelatin’first by the’physical aspect : the candies are shaped like small beans and are very colorful. Then, these sweets have original and varied tastes. Among the classic flavors you can find :

  • cake d’birthday
  • blue bay
  • butter popcorn
  • apple pie
  • bubble gum
  • melon
  • cappuccino
  • island punch
  • spicy cinnamon

And well of’other ! As many flavors that we do not have’We really don't have a lot of space’The Jelly Belly is the most common candy in France and it makes us travel. But the classic flavors are not the only ones available, far from it ! Indeed, the brand takes us on a journey to many different worlds, offering sweets that are truly out of the ordinary, even through the world of the "goodies"’universe of’Harry Potter.

Jelly Belly is available in tangy and sour versions, but also in flavors reminiscent of cocktails, island flavors, ice cream. Some Jelly Belly Joyaux are also available with a pearly aspect and flavors that are also very original, using some of the flagship flavors such as Blue Berry, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Cream Soda and Tart Apple.

Some candies are also fruit flavored. If this does not replace the intake of real fruit, you will have the impression of biting into a pear’If it doesn't replace the real thing, you'll feel like you're biting into a juicy pear, pomegranate, raspberry, banana, peach or red apple…

How to buy Jelly Belly in France ?

No need to travel to the United States to eat American candy anymore. Indeed, how many’between us could taste these treats only after a trip across the Atlantic or ask all those friends of travel to the USA ?

Now things are simpler, since American grocery stores are springing up all over France. If some physical stores are emerging in large cities, the easiest way is still the’online grocery store. More and more widespread, the sales spaces deliver fresh foodstuffs directly to your home without paying customs fees since the platform is located in France.

My Little America offers affordable Jelly Belly products to please yourself or to give to a candy fan. If you have a birthday coming up, don't hesitate to contact us’Don't hesitate to go for it because you are sure to please in an original way. Discover new flavors n’has never been so easy since grocery stores were established in France.

What a way to travel and become real movie stars by eating the same sweets as our favorite characters.

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