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Why wax your beard instead of shaving it ?

Shaving mustaches and beards is gradually giving way to waxing. A choice that seems rather surprising since hair removal is not known to be a pleasure. However, epilation offers advantages that shaving does not..

Indeed, shaving often causes irritation, small pimples, tightness and other small discomforts that hair removal avoids perfectly.

For these reasons, more and more bearded men are leaving the razor behind and turning to hair removal for better results. If you have any doubts, wait to read more !

What is the difference between hair removal and beard shaving? ?

Shaving is done with a classic razor or a shavette (also called barber razor). When you shave, you make a clean cut on the outer part of the hair, the part you can see. The hair is simply cut off at the surface, leaving small black spots that are more or less visible depending on the type of hair.

Hair removal, on the other hand, makes it possible to remove the hair from the body’the entire hair down to the root. The root of the hair is located inside the skin, it is the bulb. When you wax, you remove all the hair, from the tip to the bulb.

The end result is more aesthetically pleasing and offers a softer skin.

Hair removal can be done in different ways: either with an electric epilator, tweezers or wax strips.

What are the advantages of beard waxing? ?

Waxing instead of shaving offers several advantages:

  • Hair removal avoids the risk of cuts and irritation. Indeed, your skin is not constantly assaulted by razor blades. Shaving with a razor often causes redness, small pimples, a feeling of tightness. All this is due to the razor that cuts the hair cleanly but irritates the skin in the process. Epilation avoids this inconvenience and leaves only smooth skin;
  • The result is more aesthetic and more durable. With epilation, the hair is completely removed, resulting in slower regrowth. Your beard is well cared for and well sculpted for 3 to 4 weeks, whereas shaving only allows a few days of respite;
  • The last advantage of hair removal is hygiene, which is much better with hair removal than with a razor shave. The reason is simple: razors, although washed after each shave, retain bacteria, dirt and other impurities between the blades. For perfect hygiene, it is necessary to disinfect your razor meticulously after each use. But that’s not what we usually do. And, the accumulation of bacteria combined with micro-cuts can lead to infections.
    Thanks to hair removal, this little detail no longer needs to be taken into account !

Is it painful to remove your beard? ?

Hair removal doesn’t have a good reputation; it’s often synonymous with pain !

Don’t be fooled, if you are waxing for the first time, you will feel the pain. However, you should know that the perception of pain varies from one person to another.

Take your courage in both hands and try the experience. It is important to know that waxing becomes less and less painful as you go along. The more you wax, the less it hurts, it’s as simple as that !

You should also know that heat reduces pain, so hot waxing is less painful, for example.

Therefore, it is advisable to repeat the experience several times and to grit your teeth a little for the most sensitive among you. As you go along, you will feel less and less pain until you no longer feel it at all.

And then, the result is so satisfying that you will accept your sentence for a few minutes.

How to remove beard hair ?

You are now convinced and you want to take the plunge ? Don’t worry, there are two different techniques available to you for waxing your beard.

Hair removal with cold wax strips.

These strips are easily purchased in department stores and specialty stores.

You’ve probably already seen the wax strips for legs ? Well, you should know that there are the same strips but designed for facial hair removal. It is these that interest us here !

Before you start, it is always advisable to do a test on a small area of skin that is not very visible to make sure that the product does not cause allergies. Once you’ve done the test, if all goes well, you can start.

Wax strips come in the form of paper strips. Place the strip in your hand and rub vigorously to heat the wax. This allows it to adhere better to the epidermis and therefore be more effective.

Then place the wax on the area of the face to be waxed and pull it off with a sharp tug. Refine the details by removing the few stubborn hairs using tweezers.

Even if the experience is painful, look at the long term. Your skin is smooth and your beard is perfectly trimmed for several weeks. Unlike the razor, which gives you 2 or 3 days of respite.

Hair removal from the beard to a professional.

If you’re afraid of messing up and ending up with holes in your beard, turn to a professional who knows hair removal techniques inside out. With an esthetician, hair removal is done with hot wax. Turning to a professional allows you to’get tips on how to trim your beard, but also how to use it’maintenance.

In a specialized institute, you will be entitled to all the comforts of the place and you will leave with a beard trimmed to the millimeter.

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