I’ve decided to try Uber Eats!

C’is decided, I try Uber Eats !

As you know, I’likes « eat well ». J’I have always favored good addresses and this is already the third time I have ordered from them’I’d like to share it with you here. But I have not yet encountered any’t’s not only to enjoy a new dish that I go to the restaurant, it’s also to know how to use their platform or how the delivery service works’is also and above all to spend moments of conviviality and greed with family and friends.

Home delivery services n’So I’ve never really been interested. But health crisis obliges, I’I had to’to put it all recently. I wanted to share with you my experience with Uber Eats.

How it works ?

C’So, after years of use, it’s time to try Uber Eats’I was so hesitant that I started to use it’use of this type of service. Let’s start by explaining how it works. Like all delivery services, Uber Eats allows you to have food delivered to your home, The difference is that this application lists many restaurants and fast food in different cities. You can then quickly find those who are nearby.

All you have to do is make your choice and when you order, you will see if you have the right information’Display the’the delivery address, the estimated delivery time and the total price, including taxes and delivery fees.

You can pay quickly with an Uber account or use your credit card number. I’m already an Uber customer, so I don’t have to worry about it’did not have to create an account. Once the order has been paid, you can follow the preparation of the dish, see the delivery person pick it up and follow the delivery in real time via the’application.

Another advantage is the possibility to make a claim to the customer service of’Uber Eats contact information if needed.

Find the coordinates of’Uber Eats in case of need

The problem with this kind of application is that it is not easy to find the right person’I think that customers are often left to their own devices when’they meet a problem. So I made sure to check beforehand on how to make a claim just in case. No bad surprise there too: you can quickly find the contact information of the restaurant’Uber Eats customer service via an information number. It n’So it’s not very complicated to use’You can get information from Uber Eats’ customer service via an information number’Uber Eats if a restaurant makes a mistake on your order for example.

It is possible to contact them by phone or by chat for a complaint or an information, as well as to know how to use their platform or how the delivery service works.

My experience with Uber Eats

L’The advantage with Uber Eats is that you can eat whatever you want: Indian, Japanese, Italian dishes, etc. So, that the’We want to know more’pizza, burritos, burgers, or sushi, we are served. C’It’s particularly convenient when you don’t have the time to order’Don’t feel like cooking or going out.

J’I particularly appreciated the speed of service. Ordering and payment are done in one click. J’I have also been pleasantly surprised by the speed with which I have been able to find a problem’received my order.

For once, the slogan doesn’t lie: we get delivered at Uber speed. C’This is already the third time I have ordered with this service and I don’But I have not yet met with any of them’addicted until now. A start of’very nice to use Therefore, I would like to recommend it to you.

In conclusion, I find this application very simple to use’It’s easy to use and super convenient. If you want to download it, it is available on the Play Store and the’Apple Store. You can easily find your contact information or contact the customer service if you don’t feel like cooking or eating’one wishes to have more details.

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