How to choose a Mission Sante funeral plaque

How to choose a funeral plaque ?

As anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows: in spite of the grief and sorrow, you have to take a lot of administrative steps (get the death certificate, declare the death to the town hall, send the death certificate to a multitude of organizations such as the bank, the mutual insurance companies, the health insurance, the employer or the pension funds…), while organizing the funeral ceremony and the funeral itself (by choosing a funeral company if the deceased had not planned funeral services during his or her lifetime, by publishing a death notice…). This tribute to the deceased, which we want to be as beautiful as possible, can be accompanied by the choice of a funeral plaque, which will be left on the grave or the vault. This small object that we see a lot in cemeteries allows the living to make the place of their deceased more personal and to leave a memory of the passage on earth of their relative, friend, colleague … But how to choose a funeral plaque ?

Choosing a funeral plaque: materials and personalization

As this article explains, it is still very taboo to talk about products related to funerals. However, it is important to know that there is a way to personalize a memorial multitude of funeral plaques the combination of shape, size, material, font, photo and/or quote (or not) and price lead to almost infinite possibilities. This means that you can easily find the funeral plaque that will honor your deceased.

To choose the right funeral plaque to be placed on the grave of the deceased, you can start by choosing the material. Most often, funeral plaques are made of marble, granite, stone (such as acrylic stone): these materials have the advantage of being the most resistant to bad weather and the passing of time. Other materials can be used (brass, slate, glass, porcelain, wood, stainless steel, resin, Plexiglas for example): they are also designed to resist time, but will not have the same life span as stone. On the other hand, they are often less expensive !

Once fixed on the material of the funeral plaque, you will personalize it. All elements can be personalized today. The first step is to choose the shape: the rectangle, the heart or the open book are the most common, but there are many variations of these shapes, including incorporating elements in relief, fixed on the plate (such as the name of the deceased, but also flowers, doves …). Then you will have to choose the inscriptions (sometimes you can also choose the material used for these writings and the writing font). Here, we are talking about the inscriptions engraved in the plate.

You will also have to choose if you want to put only the identity of the deceased and his dates, or add a quote/poem and/or a photo. Le Coq Funéraire offers this type of extensive personalization and has the triple advantage of delivering a plate made in France free of charge in less than 24 hours

Finally, remember that in order to choose the right funeral plaque, you must obviously like it. When we pay tribute to the dead, we want to show them our affection, our regret for their departure, always too soon, to leave them a message and to make the funeral monument a place of meditation: a funeral plaque often corresponds to the idea that we have of the tastes of the deceased (what he would have liked), and if you do not know anything about it, trust yourself.

What is the price of’a funeral plaque ?

The price of a funeral plaque is very variable: it will depend on the material you choose (marble is often the most expensive), the degree of personalization you want to give to the plaque, the quality you want, the resistance of the plaque to time..

To give you an idea, the first prices are around thirty euros and can go up to several hundred euros. There is something for every budget, even if it is better to bet on a quality plaque that will stand the test of time so as not to regret seeing it get damaged quickly.

If your budget is a bit tight, think about checking if the deceased had not subscribed to a funeral insurance: it can cover a large part of the expenses related to the funeral and free up your budget to buy the beautiful funeral plaque you wish to decorate the grave with.

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