How to choose your haircut according to your morphology

Men’s hairstyles: how to choose the right haircut for your body type ?

Men also take care of themselves and like to have beautiful hairstyles to enhance their face, reinforce their self-confidence and adapt their haircut to their physiognomy. But how to make the right choice ? Here are many tips and ideas for finding the perfect haircut for your face.

The morpho hairstyle for men: how to adapt the haircut to the face ?

The choice of your haircut obviously depends on your style, your preferences (short, long, curly hair), but above all on the morphology of your face volume and length on the top : a small “defect” to erase because it bothers you (a too wide forehead for example) ? A part of the face to balance (protruding jaws) to harmonize your face ?
Define your face shape This is therefore an essential step, especially in the visagism which aims to enhance the aesthetics of your face through various techniques, such as the hairstyle obviously.
Other important factors are your age, your hair mass (many men are increasingly facing premature baldness) and your skin tone, as the color and texture of your hair will influence the choice of your haircut. Discover the latest haircuts for a black man.

What is the shape of my face?’man ?

  • oval slightly elongated and rounded like an egg. The length of the face should be 1 to 2 cm longer than the width of the face. The cheeks are more prominent and the chin narrow;
  • round no facial feature is prominent, the face being totally rounded. The length of the face must be equal or inferior to its width;
  • bob cheekbones and jaw line are very pronounced. The width of the face should be similar to its length and the width of the forehead;
  • long Very close to a bob, with a more rounded forehead and chin. The measurements are the same as for the square shape;
  • triangular Your hairstyle should soften the lower part of your face : a discreet chin, marked and very wide jaws, like an oval face widening towards the bottom. The width of the forehead should be 1 to 2 cm less wide than the width of the face;
  • diamond Oval face: considered one of the most masculine face shapes, but less common. The width of the face is the most important, then come the width of the cheekbones, the width of the forehead and the width of the jaw;
  • in a heart shape the width of the face is greater than the width of the jaws, with a wide forehead and a narrow chin. This type of face can be compared to a triangle with the point downwards.

Which haircut for an oval face for a man ?

The advantage of having an oval face for a man is to be able to afford almost any hairstyle. Bangs are not recommended, however, as they further emphasize the ovality of your face.
Ideal for you, the Pompadour cut: volume and length on the top, banana effect from the forehead to the back of the head, gradient on the sides and down to the back of the head. Several styles and “finishes” are possible with this cut (with visible parting or not, white gradient, oblique cut, falling hair, etc.).) Trendy, popular and very fashionable, the Pompadour cut will suit you perfectly.

The cuts to be favored for triangular faces

These are the most pronounced jaws on triangular faces. Your hairstyle will have to soften the bottom of your face at the same time by visually widening your forehead.
Bring in a little bit of volume to your hair with why not, some waves (discover our advice for men with curly hair), without leaving too much length. Keep your forehead clear, though you can let some strands fall through. Opt for a gradient starting at your upper jaw and thickening gently up to the temples and the top of the head, to finish with a tousled, unstructured and natural effect.

The mid-length hair dishevelled are well indicated in this kind of cases.

The diamond face, which cuts to choose

With a wide forehead, strong jawline and chin, men with a diamond face can afford many haircuts because there is no area of the face that needs to be rebalanced or to soften.
You can try the Buzz Cut, just as widespread among men at the moment: several styles and gradations are possible but the principle of this cut is to have short hair, the contours of the hairstyle very marked and well delimited. The Buzz Cut is also ideal for long-faced men’s hairstyles.
A well-trimmed beard will bring elegance, virility and modernity to your look (check out the pictures of Zayn Malik from the One Direction to get an idea).

How to know which hairstyle suits us best ?

To know how to choose the hairstyle that will suit you best, as we have seen, the most important step is to define the physiognomy of your face. You will then be able to choose among the different hairstyles that suit you best. Observe around you, on television, on social networks and select several cuts that you like.

By going to a salon or an institute, you will benefit from professional advice that will guide you in your proposals.
Ask yourself questions ! Do you prefer to have very short hair and not be embarrassed by a lock that falls on your forehead ? Would you like to replicate the style of a celebrity you like ? If you are still undecided, we recommend these hairstyles and cuts for men in 2021.

Once you’ve found and achieved your ideal hairstyle, you’ll also need to maintain it: add rice water to your hair care routine, which is amazing but effective on hair fibers !

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