Blue shirt a must-have piece of clothing

What to wear with a blue shirt ?

The first thing a person notices about a man's shirt is its color. In a room full of men, your choice of shirt color will help you stand out or blend in. Neither is a bad thing.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the blue shirt. More than a seasonal piece, this can be worn all year round, assuming you know exactly how and when to wear one. So how do you match a piece of this color with other clothing? ?

Blue, a color that goes every where

The color blue and all its variations allow each person to find the blue of his choice. Have a blue shirt, it's the assurance of having a neutral piece of fabric that will go with most colors of pants. The most common combinations are black or white pants.

To stand out in the crowd, you can perfectly pair your shirt with pants in one of the following colors: gray, beige, khaki, dark blue, navy blue, dark gray or light. Indeed, they bring out the color with which they are paired. In this sense, these shades will highlight your blue shirt.

For an unusual combination, don't hesitate to match your shirt with a pair of pants or an outfit in one of the following colors: red, light pink, dark green or cream. For the more daring, try a combination with a pair of printed or plaid pants. And why not combine it with cargo pants ?

5 ways to wear a blue shirt

The color blue is a must have in a man's wardrobe. It is all the more logical that it can be associated with any other color.

Under a cardigan

The cardigan brings style to your outfit and is especially practical during the cold seasons. Opt for a dark grey cardigan over a blue shirt. This will give you a stylish look.

To complete the look, you can wear a simple pair of jeans and a pair of boots. If you put on blue pants, chocolate colored shoes will go very well with it.

With shorts

It is quite appropriate to wear your shirt with a pair of shorts. And this is especially true if you roll up the sleeves for a more casual look. In addition, a pair of sneakers like Vans will do the trick.

With blue denim pants

Yes, you can wear a shirt with a pair of jeans. This will give you a decent look as long as there is enough contrast between your shirt and your pants. For a sporty and retro look, complete your outfit with a jacket (windbreaker style or varsity jacket).

Also wear classic sneakers.

Under a sweater

Shirts are great for layering. Over your blue shirt, you can perfectly opt for a different color sweater. Take care to select it well.

Opt for neutral colors such as cream for example. To complete your outfit, you can wear a pair of brown leather boots, moccasins or high top sneakers.

With a topcoat

The topcoat over the blue shirt gives you a simple, timeless and particularly casual look. For shoes, opt for brown suede or black leather.

Make sure you choose the right fabric for your blue shirt

If you think that the fabric has nothing to do with the color tones, you are wrong. Not all colors will be reflected the same when you choose different fabrics.

Khakis and chinos

Along with khakis and chinos, denim shirts are the way to go. You can also wear wool or cotton shirts.

Khakis and chinos


Pure cotton or linen are the most popular materials for men's shirts. Linen shirts are comfortable and subtle in color. When you are looking for simple shirts, linen fabric remains the best choice.

Linen shirts go well with pants of the same material. High quality denim pants are also one of the best choices to match with linen shirts.


Corduroy and fleece do not give very light shades but rather dark earthy shades. These materials are generally used for pants. Checkered shirts made from these fabrics will give you an exquisite look.

You can to choose a blue shirt of this material with simple denim pants. Want more tips on how to wear your shirt ? Click here to view.

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