Why go to an on-call pharmacy

Why go to a pharmacy on call?

Health problems can arise at unexpected times. This is when we need medication for pain relief. In France, medications are distributed in pharmacies, which are local businesses open during business hours.

However, it is possible to have an urgent need for medication when the stores are closed. There are now devices to ensure access to medicine to the French at any time, this is the principle of the pharmacy on call.

Why go to an on-call pharmacy ?

Patients are led to going to an on-call pharmacy when’they have a very urgent need for medication, which cannot wait until the beginning of business hours. A person who needs’acquire a medication between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. will have to use this service.

The on-call pharmacy sells medication for all types of symptoms, with or without a prescription. You can therefore go there regardless of the nature of your disorder or your accident.

Please note that this service is intended for people in an emergency. If a pathology can wait until the next morning to be treated, it is better to rest. You will go to the nearest open pharmacy in the early morning.

What is the role of the pharmacy on call ?

The the primary role of the pharmacist on call is of’ensure constant and permanent access to medication for the population. By ensuring a mandatory on-call service by geographical sector, the professional union of pharmacists ensures access to care for all, all the time.

You can find out by going to www.sos-tel-pharmacy.en find the nearest open pharmacy. She will welcome you and guide you to help you relieve any pain outside of business hours and days.

What is the role of the on-call pharmacy?

Things to know about on-call pharmacies

It is important to note that on-call pharmacies operate on a per-call basis round system, in a given geographical area. This means that a pharmacy that was on call two weeks ago near you is probably not on call now. Be sure to find out which on-call pharmacy is currently open in your area before you go.

Another important point’it is important to know. It is important to know if’it is an open or closed facility. In an open-flap center, you can go directly to the site to buy medications. In a closed center, you will have to contact the police station who will alert the pharmacist.

The doctor will provide you with the necessary medication, which you can pick up directly on the spot.

You should also know that the official on-call center charges a fee of 8 euros per prescription between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. This amount is 5 euros for the nights of holidays and Sundays. If you go to the pharmacy on Sunday, you will be charged an additional 2 euros per prescription.

Please note, however, that these fees are fully covered by your Social Security as long as your medication is purchased through a medical prescription.

For find the on-call pharmacy close to your home, There are several ways you can do this. You can find this information on the internet or through a telephone line. You can also identify the right center on the information boards in town halls.

Your doctor will also be able to help you identify the right address.

Finally, do not forget that this is a medicine dispensary, and that they will not intervene as the firemen or the SAMU. If your case requires an emergency intervention, you must call 15 for the SAMU or 18 for the firemen. They will be able to take care of you and hospitalize you if necessary, even at night or during holidays.

Things to know about on-call pharmacies

If you need emergency treatment, you should go to a pharmacy on duty. By taking the time to identify the right address and contact the appropriate authorities.

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