Thin or incomplete beard What to do

Thin or incomplete beard: What to do ?

You are affected by thinning or incomplete beard syndrome ? As a bearded man, your first concern is to have a beautiful, full and dense beard. However, against all odds, your facial hair has decided otherwise… You are probably wondering if there are solutions ? Some tips ?

Well, don’t worry, there are some of them. These tips are relatively simple to apply, even on a daily basis.

Know that even if your beard is sparse or incomplete, the world will not end. You must already accept this “anomaly” and use it to your advantage. There are many different types of beards.

Even without a full beard, you can still find your own style.

But to avoid leaving you in the lurch, here are our tips for dealing with thinning or incomplete beards.

How to have a beautiful beard ?

Pretty beards are like good wine, they get better with time. Indeed, having a beard worthy of the name takes time and therefore requires patience.

Therefore, let your beard grow for several months before trimming it (about 3 or 4 months). Even if it’s sparse or incomplete, you’re more likely to achieve the desired result by being patient than by constantly shaving and waiting for a hair miracle. Don’t give up so easily and give your hair a chance to express itself !

Being so frustrated not to see any results and ending up shaving your beard after only a few days: this is the lot of many bearded men. Growing a beard requires patience. Let it grow, wait and trim, you will see that some holes will fill themselves !

Take into account your age.

Age is also a factor.

If you’re in your 20s, don’t give up. Your beard may be incomplete or sparse, but this is normal, you are still young. Hair is still changing at this age.

Although some men your age already have a nice, full, dense beard, you should know that this is not the case for most young men.

Put all the chances on your side.

In addition to taking the time to grow a beard, other criteria can have a real impact on beard growth.

One of the things you should do is:

  • Have a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet;
  • Practice a regular physical activity;
  • Avoid or limit stress by doing relaxation exercises, meditation or self-hypnosis for example;
  • Get enough sleep (at least 7 or 8 hours).

How to grow a beard ?

With a thin or incomplete beard, apply a few simple tricks to reduce these holes in the beard.

Use the right care products.

After cleansing your face, apply a few drops of castor oil to your emerging beard and massage with your fingertips. Repeat the operation every day, morning or evening.

Castor oil is known for its many benefits and, above all, for its ability to stimulate the hair follicles responsible for hair growth. Repeated use of a beard not only makes it easier to grow hair, but also moisturizes and nourishes the skin deeply.

Brush your beard regularly.

Use a beard brush daily to stimulate hair growth. Brushing gently massages the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Well-oxygenated cells are healthier and more likely to stimulate hair follicles.

Brushing also helps to cover up sparse and incomplete areas.

After applying the beard oil, always massaging gently, finish your skin care ritual with a quick brush stroke.

Exfoliating every week.

Beard exfoliation should be done once a week, focusing on sparse or incomplete areas. In addition to deep cleaning the pores of your face, the exfoliating treatment activates the blood microcirculation. Gently massage during your treatment and rinse with clear water.

Appointment at the barber shop.

If you have followed our advice, you have let your beard grow for several months (between 3 and 4 months approximately). After those long weeks of waiting, it’s now time to pay a visit to your barber.

Going to a real barber not only allows you to receive advice from a beard expert but also to leave with a beard that perfectly matches the shape of your face. All this, while respecting the constraints of a sparse or incomplete beard.

The barber will be’excellent tips to show you the right gestures to have when you trim your beard and some tips to have a fuller beard.

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