How to live better with premenstrual syndrome

Tips to better cope with premenstrual syndrome

70% of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome. This is essentially translated by physical pain. These disorders are mainly due to a hormonal and mineral imbalance. Stress and mood swings can add to the discomfort.

Here are a few tips to help you cope with premenstrual syndrome.

Take care of yourself with a good hot bath

A a good hot bath is appropriate during the premenstrual period. Heat brings both comfort and relaxation. The heat relaxes effectively and gives the body the comfort it needs during this period.

It is a great way to ease the pain and dissipate the stress accumulated during the day. The evening is therefore the ideal time to take advantage of the bath to better living with premenstrual syndrome.

Hot water acts directly on the skin and fades the “do’s” and “don’ts” of PMSpain in the muscles. It soothes tension and gives way to relaxation. The warmth of the bath also relieves the fatigue commonly felt before the period. It is therefore ideal for those who have trouble sleeping because of the pain.

The hot bath promotes sleep by homogenizing the body temperature.

Taking care of yourself with a good hot bath

Don’t slow down on snacking

Premenstrual syndrome tends to increase appetite for some women. This desire is due in particular to mood swings and to the hormonal variations. Multiple changes take place in the body, not only in the uterus. This explains why it requires more energy to function normally.

This search for extra calories is most often translated into “cravings” cravings at various times of the day.

Snacking before your period is not necessarily a bad idea. It contributes to cover the body’s energy needs. Nevertheless, it is preferable to choose your diet carefully.

The body is not only looking for extra calories. It especially needs to nutrients to help her cope with this period.

Magnesium and vitamins are the enemies of fatigue. It is therefore important to integrate them into the premenstrual routine. Dark chocolate is well known for relieving menstrual pain.

Oily fish, green vegetables, nuts and fruits are also to be preferred.

On the other hand, certain foods should be avoided during this period. These include milk and its derivatives, red meat and gluten. These may further accentuate pain and inflammation.

Do not slow down on snacking

Try alternative medicine methods

cbd Le Chanvrier Fran├žais offers a natural alternative to calm physical and psychological problems before the period. Cannabidiol helps to fight against inflammation and bad moods. It is possible to take oil and capsules.

Other plants are also known to have painkilling, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. These are all benefits that the body needs to face changes.

Phytotherapy contributes by offering the virtues of various essences:

  • ginkgo biloba ;
  • Sage;
  • ginseng, etc.

A massage with essential oils and herbal teas offer excellent results. Osteopathy is also used to prevent and reduce pain.

Alternative medicine provides different solutions for better living with premenstrual syndrome. Homeopathy proposes, among other things, to rebalance the body’s hormones thanks to the following active principles:

  • folliculinum for a generalized action;
  • nux moschata to overcome irritability;
  • actea racemosa to soothe pain.

The doses are adjusted according to each patient.

The hot water bottle: your most precious friend during this period

Heat is very suitable for better live its premenstrual syndrome. It relieves localized tension and contributes to the well-being of the pelvic area. The heat influences the blood flow and supports the good mood.

It proves its effectiveness even when the pain peaks.

A hot water bottle is recommended for calming pain :

  • at the level of the back;
  • in the pelvic area;
  • abdominal area ;
  • muscles in general.

A hot water bottle is an alternative to a bath to relax. Portable models have the advantage of being easy to take everywhere, even to the office. Some of them have a very practical form in a bag.

Simply place the hot water bottle against the uncomfortable area to feel the relief. Relaxation is practically instantaneous.

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