Alcoholic beverages with fewer calories

Alcoholic beverages with fewer calories

What are the alcoholic beverages less caloric ? If you have decided to go on a diet or if you want to start taking care of what you eat and your health, the’One of the first things that any nutritionist will recommend is to try other flavors’Eliminate (or reduce) your consumption of alcohol’alcohol.

A cubata becomes an unimaginable heat pump, much worse than the’a whole chocolate bar.

Choose alcoholic beverages that contain good nutrients

In our culture, we have the consumption of’alcohol associated with all kinds of celebrations: birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversaries, reunions and a long etcetera. Any meeting with friends, acquaintances or partners becomes a reason to uncork a bottle of wine’alcohol and toast together.

The only thing we can recommend in these cases is to drink water’alcohol with good nutrients, which means something positive for your health. Although’it seems that’there are also drinks of this type that can contribute to your health and aesthetics, but all in good measure.

Alcoholic beverages are not usually absent from the table of family or friends, and it is sometimes almost impossible to find the right drink’give it up. C’is why we will give you a list of alcoholic beverages with fewer calories, so that you respect the social rite and take care of your line as much as possible.

Beer: we do not say that you drink a barrel of this liquid but it is a good thing that you have to drink it’is the’one of the drinks with the fewest calories, plus nutrients that delay aging and reduce cholesterol. The bad thing is to go too far’The bad thing is to go too far and not drink it’have no limits.

Red wine: It contains more calories than white wine but is richer in nutrients. With them, you can prevent premature aging and avoid weight gain. One glass a day is highly recommended.

Among the wines, don’t forget to drink a glass of wine’The bad thing is to go too far and not to drink other highly recommended beverages such as Sherry (rich in carbohydrates) or Port which, despite its sweet taste, contains a large amount of healthy nutrients.

Champagne: it is one of the’is released that’to the’opportunity to’It can be used for special occasions and, once in a while, it does not harm us either since’it is not’offers only 68 Kcal per 100 ml. It contains many vitamins and minerals beneficial to health. Champagne is a delicious drink in addition to being a good drink for the body’being low in calories.

Cider: c’is the’It is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic beverages since it has a lot of calories’it n’contains only 50 per 100 ml. C’Is a rich source of potassium, calcium and magnesium.

With this short list, we recommend you to try it’abandon your penchant for cognac, rum, gin, whiskey and tequila (for example) because they are among the most elaborate and therefore contain the most calories. Bet on a good glass of wine or a beer that has less alcohol’alcohol and also less calories.

Make your own bubble tea: the new trendy drink

If you’re online, you’ve probably already heard of bubble tea: the star drink of the moment. A sparkling and refreshing drink that puts the pep in your step’It is a drink that can be easily prepared at home so you can control the ingredients and make a healthier drink.

The bubble tea is a drink based on green or black tea with sweet flavors. Indeed, the bottom of the glass is initially lined with small pearls of tapioca that explode in the mouth for a unique sensation. Of course, when making it homemade, you can add a few ingredients starting with a few drops of water’alcohol.

To prepare a bubble tea only a few ingredients are needed and the handling is very simple to achieve.

To make your homemade drink, start the day before your event: you just have to prepare tapioca pearls (easily found on the net or in organic stores) and let them infuse in a sweet syrup or alcohol of your choice’alcohol of your choice. It is also necessary to brew tea and to let it cool. The next day, mix the tea and milk, add the tapioca pearls and some ice cubes and it will be ready to drink’here is more than’to taste !!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation “.

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