Beer Box 5 brands to try and tasting tips

Box of beers: 5 brands to try and tasting tips

Personal purchase or gift to offer, the beer box does not leave indifferent. Popular and original gift, the composition of the boxes is customizable according to your tastes. But, how to find your way among a wide choice of offers ? We have selected for you 5 boxes of beers to enjoy as well as some tasting tips…

Which beer box to choose ?

Beer Flavor

The monthly box Saveur Bière allows you to discover every month 6 craft beers from around the world. You will receive the first month a welcome kit (offered) with: 1 tasting booklet, 1 glass, coasters, a bottle opener and 1 magnet. Three types of subscriptions are offered:

  • 3 months: 19,97€/month (or 59,90€) ;
  • 6 months : 18,32€/month (109,90€) ;
  • 12 months : 17,49€/month (209,90€).

The December 2020 box contains a beer from Wales; the Netherlands; England; Spain; Belgium and France.

The circle of the’Barley

The Barley Circle offers a large choice of 100% French craft beers, chosen from microbreweries in France. You can receive your monthly box of 6 beers and subscribe :

  • every month : for 28,95€/month ;
  • 2 months : for 28,45€/month ;
  • 3 months : for 28,28€/month ;
  • 4 months : for 27,45€/month ;
  • 6 months : for 26,61€/month ;
  • 12 months: for €26.20/month.

beer box to offer

Configure your box according to your tastes and choose your style: all (white, lager, amber, brown and black); white, lager and amber; lager and amber; just lager.

A little foam

A selection of 6 craft beers and international is offered every month in your box Une Petite Mousse. Choose the duration of your subscription:

  • 1 month : 21,95€/month ;
  • 3 months : 20,95€/month ;
  • 6 months : 19,95€/month ;
  • 12 months: 17,95€/month.

best beer box

Add 9,99€ to receive 8 beers and 2 tasting glasses. Define your preferences (+0,99€/month) : no dark beers, no white beers or no IPA (India Pale Ale, high fermentation).
As a bonus, choose the Duo Tasting Kit (2 craft beers and 2 glasses of 25cL) or the DIY brewing kit.

My beer box

My Beer Box, it’s a selection of 6 craft beers including 3 new French beers each month. In addition to your monthly box, you will receive a tasting manual about the beers chosen by Charlotte, beerologist, as well as advice on how to match your beer to your taste food and beer. Customize your monthly box and subscription:

  • 1 month : 21,95€/month ;
  • 3 months : 20,95€/month ;
  • 6 months : 19,95€/month ;
  • 12 months : 17,95€/month.

my beer box to offer

Choose your style (no dark, white or IPA beers) and your composition: 6 beers or 8 beers plus 2 glasses (+9,99€/month).


Receive a monthly box containing Belgian beers, Freshly brewed and artisanal beers, as well as accessories (coasters, glasses, bottle openers, etc.).), it is possible with Belgibeer.
You compose your monthly box: 4, 8, 12 or 24 bottles. You can add a glass of the artisan brewer or a sausage flavor … beer of course ! You will also receive a magazine detailing the beers, describing the history of the brewery and many other tips and information.

Belgibeer beer belgium

4 tips for tasting your beer

Serving beer

Before tasting a beer, it is necessary to know to serve it well. Kept at the right temperature (tip: add 1 or 2°C to the alcohol percentage, e.g. 9°C for an 8% alcohol Amsterdam beer), serve your beer in a suitable glass, rinsed with cold water and not dried out. The glass should be tilted at about 45°C and the bottle should not touch it.

Let the beer flow slowly and without shaking, and let a light foam neck (2 to 3cm) form on the top.

Observe the beer

Watch your beer The most important thing to remember is that if a residue has settled at the bottom of the bottle, do not empty it completely into your glass to avoid altering the flavors. Once served, pay attention to

  • its visual : cloudy or clear ;
  • its color: brown, beige, white, brown, etc. ;
  • its foam: compact or aerated;
  • its bubbles: fine, persistent or ephemeral.

Smell the beer

A specific smell The taste of the grain or the hops is found in all beers. With your glass in hand, sniff just above it to try to identify the flavor family (cereal for malt or flower/fruit for hops).
Then swirl your beer in the glass to aerate it and smell other flavors (citrus, fruit, caramel, coffee, alcohol, etc.).). Are they strong or light ? Complex or obvious ?

Taste the beer

Now that you have some of the flavors of your beer identified, it’s time to taste it ! Leave the first sip in your mouth for a few seconds. Is the liquid very bubbly, mellow or thick? ? Once you’ve taken that first sip, try to identify the aftertaste that the beer leaves you, sometimes quite different from the taste in your mouth. Are the flavors you taste similar to the ones you smelled (caramel, spices, fruits, etc.)?.) ? Does the taste or aftertaste remain in your mouth for a long time? ?

For those who prefer grapes to hops or cereals, quickly discover The Wine Box: Which One to Choose ? And if you’re looking for more non-alcoholic box ideas, then check out our article Boxes for Men: Which One to Choose or Give as a Gift ?

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation “.

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