How to boost sexual performance

How to boost your sexual performance ?

A drop in libido, small breakdowns that become more and more common, a desire that tends to decrease: these inconveniences decrease your sexual performance. It is not a fatality, since in most cases, a loss of desire is normal and temporary. Let’s see how to boost your sexual performance without the headache.

Boost your sexual performance: by what means ?

L’sexual energy It is fed by many factors that are physical and mental. This is why, in order to boost your performance, it is advisable to work on several points. Generally, improving one’s lifestyle, doing a little sport and consuming a few aphrodisiacs is enough to find the path to pleasure.


Sport is virtuous not only because it improves our physical condition, but also because it changes our mind. From a physiological point of view, doing sports is excellent to be motivated under the comforter, since you will improve blood circulation and oxygenation of all your organs. The mechanics will be much better. On a more emotional level, sport allows you to gain self-esteem, but also to reduce stress and cortisol levels.

Stress is fatal and reduces your libido to nothing.

Nevertheless, it is not necessary to become an Olympic champion in a discipline that you do not like. On the contrary, choose one or more sports that you enjoy. Walk for at least 30 minutes a day and then do two to three sports sessions a week.

You can even change your discipline when you feel like it.


A healthy lifestyle

We are what we eat. C’This is why it would be appreciated to do a a little point about your diet. Even if it seems obvious, let’s remember that alcohol, tobacco and all other similar substances are harmful to your health and your libido.

In addition, an excess of refined sugar will drain your energy and derange your body. You might as well say that at the end of the day, you don’t have the energy to think about sex’you don’t even have the energy to think about making love.

Opt for a healthy diet, without depriving yourself. Increase your quantities of vegetables, proteins, complex sugars and avoid foods that are difficult to digest such as industrial products, lactose, gluten.


There are several types of’aphrodisiacs. D’On the one hand, we have the food supplements intended for the sexual development. They allow better erections by stimulating the erectile function.

We can mention Virilblue, a natural food supplement that offers a boost of energy and vitality. In a few words, male sexuality is boosted with a longer and more stable erection. Don’t hesitate to read consumer reviews to find out how to improve your sexual vigor with the Virilblue supplement.

On the other hand, we simply have the food. Some products are indeed aphrodisiacs. We can mention ginger, garlic, oysters, chocolate, saffron and aniseed.

Qu’that decreases your performance in bed ?

Several factors can decrease your performance in bed, whether you are a man or a woman:

  • Stress: this is one of the most common psychological factors. Stress paralyzes the body, you are in survival mode and there is no room for pleasure. To better manage stress, engage in regular physical activity, meditation, psycho-behavioral work if necessary and eat healthy.
  • Sedentary life: sedentary life has many consequences such as increased stress, weight gain, loss of flexibility, musculoskeletal pain, etc. Our advice: do some sport.
  • Porn consumption: erectile dysfunction is often observed in young men. The cinematographic settings will inevitably have an impact on your desires, your fantasies and your sexuality. Arousal and erections are sometimes impossible, because in reality, you are faced with a situation that may seem disappointing to the pornographic content. So you have to learn how to tell the difference.
  • Tobacco: smoking damages all your blood vessels and has a direct effect on your erectile capacity.

For a fulfilled sexuality, you have to feel good about yourself ! In concrete terms, a little sport, a balanced diet and a few food supplements can be enough to change your sex life !

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