Well-being these inconveniences for men

Well-being: these inconveniences for men

Many men are obsessed with the size of their penis, wrongly thinking that its size has consequences on female pleasure. This cavernous and spongy body at the heart of intimate relations raises a number of questions. However, while it is common to talk about itching and intimate disorders that affect women, with the exception of penis size, male disorders are all too often overlooked.

Sources of questions, but also of suffering, close-up that some of the questions you ask.

Fordyce’s grains

More poetically called “pearl crown”, Fordyce’s grains are small white-yellow buttons. If it is common to find them around the lips, on the vulva in women, you may have already noticed this itch on your skin line of small white balls on the internal face of the foreskin, near the brake of the penis.

Commonly appearing at puberty, they are not warts or a sexually transmitted infection. These visible growths under the thin skin of the penis are due to a hormonal disorder. This is why they appear at puberty when the body experiences a sudden change in hormonal secretions.

A source of embarrassment, and also of complexes, you can consult a dermatologist or a sexologist. Several alternatives are available to you so that these are no longer a source of discomfort, no longer hinder your relations. In all cases, as unsightly as they may be, they are nonetheless neither dangerous nor contagious.

Intimate male itching

Also called “pruritus, the itching of the skin is often localized to your testicles. Sometimes, they can extend to your thighs or the area around your anus. This unpleasant sensation may be accompanied by pimples, redness, patches or even discharge, depending on the case.

The origins of this itching are diverse. Indeed, you may suffer from a mycosis. Fungus resulting from the proliferation of a microscopic fungus or resulting from the presence of parasites such as crabs. These can also be the result of excessive sweating, “maceration” of your testicles. You may suffer from a skin disease such as skin inflammation, eczema or psoriasis.

Wearing irritating, non-breathable material or using certain soaps can also lead to contact dermatitis, which is the cause of your itching. Also, be careful with your hygiene, if the lack of hygiene is a problem’hygiene causes itching, it also increases the risk of cancer.

Because the origins of intimate itching are multiple, it is essential to make a diagnosis. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist. The clinical assessment will allow you to identify the source of the problem, but above all to find the solution(s) to remedy it.

While some itching is benign, it can become bothersome and sexually transmitted. It would be a shame not to be able to fully enjoy your attribute !

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