What assistance is available to finance personal services

What are the aids to finance personal services ?

Human services are a valuable part of everyday life, making life easier for nearly 4 million households. From the youngest to the oldest, a wide range of people have recourse to the support of professionals in the home, whether to accomplish household tasks or to be accompanied in certain particular tasks that have become complicated. However, hiring a professional has a cost that does not include the cost of the service’is not necessarily accessible to all.

Fortunately, there are different types of aid that can be used to lighten the bill.

Qu’is it’a service of’home help ?

The services of’The goal of our home help service is to maintain the quality of life of our clients’autonomy of vulnerable persons and helping them to live in good conditions in their homes. This mainly concerns the following services: cleaning and laundry, the’help with getting up and going to bed, and the like’help with shopping, the’assistance with bathing, meal preparation and meal intake.

These services are carried out under the control of the departmental authorities through the use of the Baby Ruth service’an authorization to use the service’intervention with the beneficiaries fragile populations The beneficiary must pay for the service, which is provided to families in difficulty, children under 6 years of age, people with disabilities, people in need of assistance, etc. The beneficiary must also pay for the service’The first method is to call upon a service provider’autonomy.

In addition, there are two ways to use a home care service’home help. The first method is to use a service provider. C’In other words, the beneficiary is accompanied by auxiliaries who are employees of the company’an organization of’home help.

In this case, the beneficiary must pay the service provider’organization in charge of the service. The second option is to use the services of an agent. In this case, the beneficiary is the employer of the’caregiver.

In this case, the home care service will be provided by the employer’The home help is in charge of putting the employee and the beneficiary in contact, drawing up the related documents such as work contracts and the contract of employment’editing salary sheets. In addition to paying for this service, the beneficiary also pays for the service’home service provider. On the other hand, it is possible to’avoid using this service by directly employing the’home help.

personal services

A service to the person in Nancy, for the home maintenance d’an elderly person.

The different aids available to finance personal services

Assistance in financing personal services comes in many forms.

L’s social assistance’childhood

It is’acts of’This aid is intended for families and children experiencing social, educational or material difficulties. L’s social assistance’Childhood assistance can result in a financial aid to face material difficulties, the’intervention of’The CAF can cover a part of the salary of the employee for the care of the elderly who need family assistance, educational actions or placements in a family of the same name’reception. Depending on the situation, it is possible to apply for the complement of free choice of the mode of care of the benefit of the AEEH’It is granted by the departmental councils to people living at home under certain conditions’the cost of the child’s stay at home or the use of a licensed childminder.

If you hire a childminder or a child care’child at home within the framework of direct employment, the CAF can cover a part of the employee&#8217s salary. The amount of the’The aid varies according to your income, the number of children in your care and the number of children in your family’children and their age.

L’social integration

In 2004, the department’is entrusted by the state’The State has a new jurisdiction, that of the RSA’s social integration, and more precisely the’allocation of the RMI (minimum income tax)’(see below), which since 2008 has become the active solidarity income (RSA). Since that date, the department contributes to s funding’allowance and accompanies the beneficiaries.

L’social assistance to disabled people

It covers the loss of income’This aid is attributed without condition of resources’aid aimed at providing daily assistance. This includes home help, but also help in financing the costs of home help’In addition, there is social aid granted by the municipality, the department or the retirement funds to help with material difficulties, the allowance for the elderly, and the allowance for accommodation in a specialized establishment or in a family’reception.

The disability compensation benefit or PCH is a personalized aid aimed at covering the needs associated with the loss of autonomy’autonomy of the disabled. This allowance includes human and material aid (work related to the’(e.g., home and vehicle adaptation). It is attributed by the departmental council, without any restriction of resources.

L’AEEH or the’Disability allowance’education of the elderly’social aid for disabled children is an aid for children and young people under 20 years of age to support the needs of people who have the responsibility for their care’a disabled child. This aid is attributed without a means test.

Elderly people are among the beneficiaries of home service assistance

L’social assistance for the elderly

L’Personalized allowance for the elderly’The autonomy allowance (APA) is an aid aimed at partially financing expenses of any kind, contributing to the autonomy of the child’autonomy of elderly people who need family assistance’assistance to carry out of the essential gestures of life or whose’The state requires regular supervision. It is granted by the departmental councils to people living at home under certain conditions.

L’This reduction in social assistance to the Allocation of Solidarity to the Elderly (ASPA) is intended for low-income elderly people in order to enable them to have access to social assistance’a minimum of resources. In addition, there are social aids attributed by the commune, the department or the pension funds.

The credit of’It covers the loss of income tax for all

Highly publicized in recent years, the PCH’tax dedicated to provision of home services is the’the most common form of assistance. This reduction of’The RMI tax credit allows beneficiaries to deduct 50% of the amount spent on this type of service, up to an overall limit of 12,000 euros per year.

While this assistance benefits all households, an additional privilege is granted to the most fragile groups. Indeed, the fact that’The fact that there are children or elderly dependents gives the possibility of increasing this limit by 1,500 euros, within the limit of a maximum of 1,000 euros’18,000 for the first year of the service’15,000 for the following years. The ceiling can be as high as’20,000 if the beneficiary is disabled or has a disability’he is a childn situation of disability.

How to choose your social aid organization’help to the person ?

There are currently a large number of orgasms on the island’organizations offering personal services. Therefore, it can s’It can be difficult to find the right provider in front of so many’opportunities.

However, it is important to make the right choice to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here are the elements that you must take into account when choosing the right treatment’The organization that best suits your needs: check the certifications of the organization’organization, make sure that employees have followed specific training Finally, find out about any additional costs you may have to pay (travel expenses, packed lunches, etc.).).

Finally, note that the choice, even if it’s not the same, is yours’It is rational and based on precise criteria, but it is also based on a “feeling”. Also, do not choose an organization that you do not trust after meeting with the provider’team.

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