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Short beard: how to shave it’care and trimming?

From a 3-day beard to a 10-day beard, both are considered short beards.

But just because you have a short beard doesn’t mean you should neglect it. All beards must be maintained and trimmed regularly.

The 3-day beard has the advantage of highlighting your face without having a very dense beard to maintain. It gives a more angular appearance to your jaw and is a hit with the opposite sex (and not only that) !).

Short beard fans, remember: the secret is maintenance.

How often should a short beard be trimmed? ?

L’Maintaining a beard, regardless of its length, must be done regularly with the right accessories and the right gestures.

It is also important to know that from one man to another, the growth of hair is not the same. Some people will take 3 days to get a 3-day beard, while others will have to wait 10 days to get the same result. If necessary, you should know that there are a few tricks to make a beard grow faster, thanks to castor oil in particular.

For a 3-day beard, or any other short beard, it is recommended to trim it at least once a week with a beard trimmer. Be careful to choose the right clipper shoe so as not to remove too much either.

As for the’If you need to maintain your cheeks, shaving this area can’t wait a week unfortunately. For the cheeks and neck, it is recommended to shave every two days. This will keep your beard contours clean and neat.

What accessories to use to maintain a short beard ?

You will need a little bit of equipment to take care of your beard and keep it neat and clean as a whistle.

To do this, you need :

  • A beard trimmer;
  • A beard stencil or contouring comb;
  • A classic razor or a barber’s razor;
  • A moisturizer and a beard oil or balm.

Equipped with all this, you are ready to maintain and learn the B-A-BA of how to trim your beard ?

How to maintain a short beard ?

To properly maintain a short beard, such as a 3-day beard, it is advisable to let it grow for 4 or 5 days without intervention.

As mentioned above, this data varies from one man to another. For men whose beard grows quickly, wait 3 days. For men whose hair grows more slowly, wait 5 days.

Then, we proceed as follows:

  • Get a beard trimmer and adjust the larger head. To trim your beard with a trimmer, start at the base of your neck and work your way up to your face. Special “short beard” trimmers are available if you want to get a specific trimmer;
  • Once all the hairs are evened out, use a slightly smaller shoe and repeat until you get the ideal beard size. Know that a “3-day beard” is a beard whose hairs measure between 3 and 4 mm;
  • Once your beard is evened out, it’s time for your cheeks. To make sure you don’t make a mistake in the contour of your cheeks, get a comb. The upper part of the beard is placed at the level of the top of the ear. As for the lower part, it touches the corner of the mouth. All hair above this area must be removed with your beard trimmer;
  • The lines of the neck must be drawn with precision if you want to avoid the neglected effect of the short beard. Your Adam’s apple is your reference point for defining the outline of your beard:
    • Place a finger over your Adam’s apple. All hair below this line must be removed;
    • To further refine the contour, imagine a line from your earlobe to your Adam’s apple. The hairs outside the horizontal line of your Adam’s apple and the vertical line from your earlobe must be removed;
    • For the mustache, it is recommended to trim it slightly more than the other hairs of the beard. Use the bottom notch to trim your mustache and avoid it being too pronounced.
    • For the flies, the technique varies depending on the density of hair you have in this area. If you have little hair, you can use tweezers to make the’beard hair removal. If you have a little, or even a lot of hair, you should use a beard trimmer without shoes. Be careful, use a precision trimmer with a small head to shave this area clearly;

    There, your short beard is trimmed ! It takes a little time but mostly practice. Once you have learned the technique and got the hang of it, you will be able to maintain your beard easily without having to spend too much time on it.

    Don’t forget, we start by evening out the whole area. Then, the cheeks are trimmed, the neck is contoured and the sideburns, flies, moustache and chin are trimmed.

    If you are not confident, don’t hesitate to call a barber.

    To finish (after it’s really over, I promise !), your beard should always be moisturized with beard oil or beard balm. The difference is in the texture but also in the composition. Beard balm has styling power that oil doesn’t.

    If your hair tends to be slightly unruly, beard balm is perfect for you.

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