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3-day beard: How to trim and trim it properly maintenance ?

The 3-day beard has, it seems, the power to turn hearts upside down by giving its wearer a manly, strong and reassuring look. In our daily lives and on TV, the 3-day beard is the style to wear this year !

Even in the working world, this style of beard is no longer synonymous with a "sloppy look". On the contrary, it is more and more accepted and seen as a fashion "accessory. But, be careful, it does not mean a neglected look if you know how to maintain it and take care of it.

A 3-day beard trimmed every 36 days of the month is not tolerated. As a true modern man, you want to wear that 3-day beard that is so trendy and elegant… And we understand you ! But, how to maintain it and how to trim it to avoid falling into neglect ?

What is a 3-day beard ?

Having a 3 day beard doesn't really mean you have to let your hair grow for 3 days and that's it ! No, this concept goes well beyond 3 days.

The 3-day beard implies that the mustache is present and that the chin and cheeks are well covered. Your beard is free of holes and the hair length is uniform throughout. The 3-day beard must have a natural result.

The hair is relatively short and the beard is well groomed.

You should also know that from one man to another, the growth time for a 3-day beard is not the same. Some people have hair that grows quite fast and can probably have a nice short beard in 3 to 4 days. Others, on the other hand, will have to wait 10 days to achieve the same result.

Basically, having a 3-day beard requires patience !

How to trim your 3-day beard ?

The 3-day beard has an incredible seductive power, its look is very natural and elegant. However, contrary to what you might think, how to maintain a 3-day beard can't be improvised.

The first step is to let your beard grow. It doesn't matter if the hair is longer than you really want it to be. By letting your hair grow, you ensure that all areas are covered.

You will then be free to trim your beard as you wish ! So be patient and let your beard grow.

How to trim your beard in a few simple steps:

  • Use a beard trimmer to outline the shape and contours of your beard. Don't forget to shave your neck by removing the hair below your Adam's apple;
  • In addition to outlining, trimming allows you to even out your beard by correcting the length of the hair so it's even throughout. The clippers allow you to thin your hair to create that "3-day beard" effect;
  • To fine-tune the details, it is advisable to choose a high-precision trimmer or a barber's razor. With this accessory, you will be able to create a neat and clean demarcation on the cheeks and neck.

If you use a razor, don't forget to prepare your skin beforehand by applying a protective cream and by using, of course, shaving foam, oil or gel.

Now your 3-day beard is perfectly trimmed and ready to be in the spotlight ! The maintenance of a 3-day beard must be done every 2 to 3 days approximately. This regularity is important to keep the contours clean and well defined. This will help you avoid looking unkempt.

If you're worried about missing your shave, consider use a beard stencil. This accessory is very efficient to show you the lines to follow and avoid you to make mistakes’having to start from scratch. There are as many beard stencils as there are beard styles.

All you have to do is find your own barber and follow his instructions.

How to maintain a 3-day beard ?

After trimming it, it is of course necessary to maintain it. To do this, you must have quality accessories such as a barber's razor or a precision trimmer to outline your beard every 2 or 3 days.

But there's more to grooming than just a few strokes of the blade here and there. The hair and skin must be maintained to avoid irritation, redness, dandruff and pimples after shaving.

Apply beard oil or beard balm morning and night. These products are specially designed to take care of the hair and skin. Made of vegetable and essential oils, their properties are important to keep your beard and skin healthy.

Complete your beard care routine by shampooing regularly, about 2 to 3 times a week. The shampoo allows you to rid your beard of all impurities, food crumbs, pollution etc. accumulated during the day.

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