More comfortable sexual positions for men

More pleasant sexual positions for men

Most likely, the right sexual postures will make you experience what the alchemists have dreamed of. In the physical world, the’Alchemy was a collection of attempts to transform metals into gold, and in order to do so, she would have to arch her back’The inside means a journey to the outside’s state of consciousness, while in the sexual area, it is not necessary to be in control’is a step from animal sex, to divine sex.

Sexual positions suitable for men

L’s greed’man led to create collections and research that sought this philosopher’s stone, in the end, all efforts were in vain and this element was eventually forgotten. Fortunately, in the area of sexuality, this man should take her by the waist and hold her’If this is not the case, women’s liberation has opened up a world of exciting possibilities and, contrary to what the government says, it is not the case’It is believed that women are not the only ones to benefit from it.

Moving from animal and divine sex is necessary to find our immortal origin, each relationship is a reminder that our origin is the pleasure we want to achieve. Most likely, the right sexual postures will make you live what the alchemists have dreamed.


He will lie on his back while the’s she’sit on top of him with her back to him. The value of this position lies in the visual field, the’The man can fully observe the back, even if she wants to have eye contact must look over the back’s arm, a gesture that increases arousal’ecstasy.

Running dog

She will have to stand on the four and he will have to stand on the four’kneel behind her. The penetration in this position is much tighter, which gives a much more pleasant orgasm. In addition to giving total control to the man, this posture increases penetration for him’It gives him a vision that increases the pleasure of sex’In order to enhance this stimulus, she would have to arch her back.


She should stand on the’to lie on a pillow at the height of the pubic bone’pubic bone. This posture will cause a circular movement that few people can do’It gives him a vision that increases the experience of the man, and the constant contact with the buttocks brings him to a position where he can enjoy the pleasure of sex’excitement at another level.


He will s’sit down and cross her legs, while she’she sits on him’sits on top and hugs his chest with his legs. It will carry the rhythm, the contact that the two bodies will have will help to unite the breathing of both.


They must be back to the bed (or s’they prefer without the bed), he must carry it placing his hands to the base of his thighs. She should keep her legs as close as possible to the thighs of the man’while placing his hands on her shoulders. For this position, the’The man will have to have strength in his arms to maintain the rhythm, the rhythm of the body and the rhythm of the body’effort will be worth it because the penetration increases and the looks become much more intense.

Legs on the’shoulder

While’If she is lying down, she will have to stand up’inclines to make contact with his thighs. For a greater connection, the’Fortunately, in the area of sexuality, this man should take her by the waist and she by the arm. This posture increases penetration for him and is ideal because he chooses to be in control’He is in control and can clearly see what is happening.

In the limit

He s’will sit on the bronde of the bed with the legs hanging freely and with a pile of water’pillows to tilt her posture. She is’He will kneel on his hips until he is in control and can clearly see what is happening’to what’she takes control. L’The inclination and the proximity of the hips place him in a privileged position to caress all the areas that he needs to experience’He chooses.


The woman must be placed in height, when they are in the’In the chosen place, she must place her legs on his shoulders. L’The man will put his hands under her hips to have contact with the buttocks and keep control of the movements. The purpose of lifting the body is to get the best out of it’He will be able to increase penetration and kneel on her hips’help with lubrication.

The mill

With this position, the pleasure will reach its maximum, but everyone is not allowed to do so’will not dare to do so. As she’When she is on top of him, she has to rotate her body 360 degrees, nothing simple but the penetration will reach unknown places before.

These postures will help us to’It’s important for any man to have the best experience in the bedroom, so he doesn’t have to worry about it’is never too much to remember the mistakes we make during sex.

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