Tips for selling jewelry

Jewelry: tips to sell them at best

If we all go to the stores to renew our wardrobe at a lower cost, to take advantage of the good deals during the sales and to succumb to the latest neo jewelry (hybrid necklace and earring), we will be able to do so’(e.g. ear cuff, jewel on the nose, ear cuff), the thermometer is not the only one to be overheated, our credit card is too. So, if it is possible to sell some of our clothes, bags and/or shoes to make room for new pieces, our jewelry can be sold too. A simple technique to regain purchasing power, but also and above all, to get rid of what you no longer like, what you don’t wear.

So to give up your jewels in full safety, close-up on the existing tricks to sell your jewels in all serenity.

The circuits of resale of the jewels

Damaged, outdated, broken, sort out your jewelry boxes, in your dressing table before anything else. Then, approach a professional to buy back your jewelry. For this, several options are available to you.

Note that not all your jewels have a market value, depending on their condition, their composition and the place where you go. This is why you will surely sell them using the services of several resale channels.

Circuit of resale of the jewels: the jewelry store

You can contact a jeweler to sell your valuable jewelry. Set with precious or semi-precious stones, in solid gold/silver or not, these professionals are the right people for the job. After having appraised your goods at their fair value, you can then sell them at the right price.

The opportunity to get money quickly and to offer you something that you will wear, that you like.

Circuit of resale of the jewels: the municipal credit

By going to one of the “municipal credit” establishments, you can deposit your jewels “in pledge. Here again, just like a jeweler, all your jewelry is not necessarily accepted. If they are, they will be appraised on the spot and their amount will be determined according to the prices. In exchange you will get a loan for a period of one year.

An interesting option if you change your mind. And for good reason, at any time, you have the possibility of recovering your jewels deposited in pledge by refunding without penalty the sum borrowed before the expiration of the contract of course. Before committing yourself, take the time to take all the useful information, this option presenting some disadvantages.

Jewelry resale circuit: the auction

You also have the option of to approach a sale hotel to have your jewelry sold at auction. To do so, make an appointment with the auctioneer. The latter will estimate the value of your jewels, will organize the sale if they have any value.

Attention: the auctioneer, despite the publicity made, cannot guarantee you that your jewels will be taken and especially, this last one takes a commission on the product of the sale.

Circuit of resale of the jewels: the second hand

More and more in vogue, the second-hand sector is experiencing unprecedented success. Between the classifieds sites, depot-sales, garage sales, you have multiple options for selling your jewelry to a third party. Note that some yard sales take a commission on the proceeds of the sale and that you will have to pay the price of the site in the case of a yard sale in particular.

Tips to secure the sale of jewelry

To offer you better guarantees, to prevent you from scams and to make good deals, there is nothing like some tips to secure the sale of your goods.

Securing the sale of your jewelry: knowing its value

According to the law, the professionals that you will meet mustbe transparent about the rates they charge (law of March 17, 2014 relating to consumption). This is why you should ask all the useful and necessary questions about the price at which he will buy them back from you, without forgetting the inherent charges before selling them. Beforehand, follow the evolution of the prices of precious metals to get an idea. Indeed, the professionals are not obliged to align themselves with the prices. Then, depending on their condition, their quality, the value may vary.

An 18 carat gold watch with a precious stone in perfect condition does not have the same value as a 24 carat gold watch with a half present bracelet for example.

Secure the sale of the jewels: ask for a written contract

If before signing the lease or purchase contract of your home you ask for the real estate diagnostics, don’t sell your jewelry without a proper contract. Mandatory, again, since the law of March 17, 2014, it must mention specific information under penalty of being null and void: the name, surname and full address of the buyer, his registration number in the register of commerce and companies, your contact information, the address of the place where the contract is signed, the precise designation of the pieces purchased by the professional (weight, purity to the thousandth) without forgetting the selling price with all taxes. Finally, it must be signed and dated by both parties, specifying the time. Payment is made by bank transfer or crossed check and must be recorded in a “police booklet”.

Securing the sale of jewelry: using a licensed professional

Just like using a licensed craftsman to change your windows, address yourself to a professional that it is also. This will allow you to retract within 48 hours of signing the contract to sell your jewelry. To do so, you will just have to fill in the retraction form provided for this purpose, in accordance with article R. 224-5 of the Consumer Code. After this time, it will no longer be possible. Of course, nothing obliges you to sell them after the estimate if the proposed amount does not suit you.

Note that in case of dispute, you must refer to the Direction Départementale de la Protection des Populations (DDPP) or the Direction Départementale de la Cohésion Sociale et de la Protection des Populations (DDCSPP) of your department of residence.

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