Well-being and comfort : there is no age to renovate

Wellness and comfort: there is no age to renovate

At a time when the climate is one of the main concerns of the French, there are many questions about how to act on a daily basis to preserve the environment. Serge and Christine had been wondering about this for a number of years, but it was at the time of their retirement that they considered renovating their house. The question of energy is thus central, but they also wish to remake certain rooms, like the bathroom, by replacing the bath-tub by a shower, more accessible.

Priority to comfort

When they bought their house, Serge and Christine were barely 30 years old. After months of work, of “homemade” do-it-yourself and of patience, the house had all the necessary comfort, but sometimes basic. Over time, the work done was done in fits and starts, without any prior global reflection. At the time of retirement, they wanted to get help to see things differently, in a more professional way.

This house is pleasant, well located and contains many family memories. Now they have to adapt it for the next part of their life and continue to welcome their children and grandchildren for the school vacations.

Take stock of the existing situation

Serge and Christine did a lot of the work themselves when they were younger. After researching on the internet, they want to have an energy audit done on their house. Thanks to neutral and objective advice, they will be able to plan a secure renovation program. They then call upon the Agence régionale pour les travaux d’économies d’énergie (Artéé), a structure that inspires them with confidence because it is supported by a public entity.

This first step seems to be essential for them to embark on a work program that is both ambitious and secure.

The advisor’s visit and the audit report

It was Damien who visited Serge and Christine’s home. He analyzed the whole building and the technical installations. In the written report that he gave them, Damien detailed the work to be done, the assistance available and the expected energy gains.

Result: Serge and Christine will start the work very soon because it will allow them to save 40% on their bills ! They will call upon qualified local companies and will benefit from the support of their advisor, Damien, in all stages of the project. The couple will even be able to take advantage of the bath to redecorate their living room, a project they had been considering for several years !

Their children will soon be able to enjoy a completely renovated house, pleasant in summer and winter thanks to well thought-out work, from start to finish.

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