How to do a Charliebirdy sleep cure

How to do a sleep cure ?

If you suffer from sleep disorders and you dream of sleeping like Sleeping Beauty to make up for the hours of insomnia you have accumulated, the sleep cure is perhaps the ideal solution for you. In fact, this therapeutic practice not only helps you get a good night’s sleep but also fights against the damage caused by sleep disorders, such as chronic stress or depression. You will find in this article all the information you need to start a sleep cure.

Qu’is that’a sleep cure ?

The sleep cure stems from the work of Klaesi in the 1920s. The sleep cure lasts for one year 10 to 15 days duration and consists of sleeping at a rate of 20 hours a day. This cure aims to compensate for sleep disorders, insomnia and to calm stress states. Sleep cures can be done for comfort. They can also be required in a medical context, if the lack of sleep accumulated during the nights of insomnia has become too important and adversely affects the patient’s daily life.

Sleep disorders can have a detrimental effect on the body and the body. A sleep cure is a real moment of relaxation and provides a restorative rest to the patients who do it.

How to do a sleep cure at home ?

Before starting your sleep treatment, you must first set a date for yourself. Indeed, plan to set aside a free period, without professional obligations and where you are sure not to be disturbed and detach yourself from your screens such as smartphone or computer that will disturb your rest.

Also, before starting your sleep cure, it is absolutely necessary to take advice from a doctor. This document will help you to understand the origin of your sleep disorders and insomnia and to prepare your cure as well as possible.

We advise you during the first 2 days of your treatment to try to let go. This will allow you to be in a good position for your future rest. To do this, lie in bed under a good comforter cover, even if you are not particularly sleepy.

The key is to relax, your body will gradually relax and your mind will leave its torments to wander. You can also, in order to to get rid of stress They can also be used to relax, play music in the background or listen to meditation or relaxation podcasts.

How to do a sleep cure at home ?

Then, you can enjoy a rest without quotas. No need to set an alarm clock, sleep when you feel the need and as much as necessary, day and night. You will see that your body will easily take a sleep rhythm in adequacy with the cure and your needs.

When you are not sleeping, stay calm, read, do some breathing exercises or do some gentle stretching. As for the, prefer light meals and easy to digest. You can for example prefer liquid meals such as hot or cold soups.

They will help you fall asleep again and improve the quality of your sleep.

The sleep cure centers

You may also prefer to turn to a sleep cure center. For this, and with the advice of your doctor, organize a sauna stay in the thermal baths. You must turn to an establishment specialized in Psychosomatic Conditions (PSY). It is a real place of relaxation. The thermal cure is a a soft and efficient solution to fight against stress.

Indeed, the thermal waters are renowned for their trace elements rich in benefits.

In addition, it is a framework of the most pleasant, A Japanese sauna is an ideal place to relax, where, like a hotel, you will find many treatments. During your stay, you can participate in a relaxation workshop such as sophrology, relaxation or meditation. You can also enjoy sessions in the thermal waters to benefit from their care adapted to your disorders.

The thalasso therapy is supervised by health professionals. It will allow you to better understand your sleep problems to better fight against them. The spa treatment is also a place of learning, it will allow you to change your lifestyle to find a restful rest.

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