What is a Japanese sauna

Is Japanese sauna ?

Developed in Japan, the sauna is a’is widespread in the world thanks to its numerous natural benefits on the body and the environment’spirit. Today’Today, it is popular with wellness and beauty institutes, but also with individuals. On the market, there are several devices with different names that sometimes lead to confusion.

In this guide, we present the Japanese sauna through its definition, its benefits and its installation.

Discover the benefits of the Japanese sauna

The Japanese sauna is an equipment used by athletes, therapists and private individuals in search of well-being’moments of well-being and relaxation. Also called dôJapanese cure, as specified on this page, c’The thermal cure is a relaxing and heating device that provides’an innovative technology. L’device s’inspired by the’the beneficial effect of the sun's infrared rays on the body that can be absorbed by the body’it reproduces and amplifies through long infrared rays. Invisible, they penetrate the skin and provide a layer of heat that gives a feeling of well-being.

They are different from ultraviolet rays which can cause burns, diseases, premature aging of the skin, etc.

The dôThe Japanese sauna is designed to allow users to warm up the body, relax and unwind. Its advantage lies in the fact that the radiation emitted is devoid of ultraviolet rays. You enjoy the benefits of the sun without being exposed to harmful rays. More clearly, the Japanese sauna emits Long infrared rays are safe for the body’organism.

They have the ability to’activate cellular functions by heating the tissues deeply.

How to install a Japanese sauna in your salon ?

If the Japanese sauna is appreciated by individuals and professionals, it is the most popular’It is also easy to use’installation. The different models offered by the manufacturers are available in kit form and can be customized. It is up to you to find the model that best suits your needs in terms of energy efficiency’It is important to have a good quality and space and to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

The infrared radiation on which the sauna reliesôThey are made of panels that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

Any good handyman should not hesitate to use it’It will be easy to install a sauna in your homeôme Japanese. Nevertheless, to benefit from’Nevertheless, to benefit from a quality installation, it is advisable to Call a professional to assemble your equipment. L’purchase of’a Japanese sauna represents an important investment.

Therefore, you must limit the risks related to a bad installation in order to enjoy your sauna for a long time.

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How does a Japanese sauna work?ôJapanese sauna ?

Let's be clear, the Japanese sauna is different from the traditional model. Although both devices cause sweating, they do not use the same technology. For to bring heat to the body, the traditional sauna (or Finnish sauna) uses volcanic stones heated by a stove. To produce heat, it is necessary to use the infrared radiation’water is poured on the stones.

The resulting steam increases the temperature of the skin’The sauna heats your body superficially and allows you to sweat.

In contrast to this method, the’The action of the Japanese sauna is more direct and deeper. The stoves are replaced by heating panels that emit long infrared rays. These have the property to be used in the home’act deeply under the skin’How a Japanese sauna works (until’It is a way to remove toxins from the skin (e.g., from a depth of four centimeters) without endangering the body’organism. The fabrics are heated with water’They have the property to be installed inside the house, starting from a’A dry and soft heat, harmoniously distributed to impact the body’whole body.

The heat energizes the cells and causes intense sweating, comparable to that caused by intense physical activity.

During a session in a traditional sauna, the’How does a Japanese sauna work?’It makes the air in the room feel hot and suffocating, which affects the comfort of the user’equipment. By offering a more pleasant climate and focusing only on the body, the air in the room does not change, allowing you to relaxôJapanese me solves this problem. The temperature of the sauna is the same’The air in the room does not change, allowing you to relax’to be in the’The Japanese sauna is known for its effectiveness in the treatment of the body’equipment.

What are the advantages of infrared radiation ?

The Japanese sauna is known for its effectiveness in detoxifying the body’organism. When you sit in a Japanese sauna, the intense and gentle heat that you enjoy activates cellular functions, boosts blood circulation and provokes sweating. By this means, the body evacuates toxins It also removes stored heavy metals, which allows the body to oxygenate the blood’to improve the’oxygenation of the blood.

This results in better protection of the skin against premature aging and dermatological diseases.

Infrared radiation contributes to your psychic well-being. Long infrared rays are effective in relieving stress, preventing sleep disorders or overwork thanks to their action on the parasympathetic system. L’The sauna has a pleasantly heated atmosphere and the configuration (head to toe) is very different’It is a good idea to use the same techniques (e.g., outdoor) that characterize the Japanese sauna, making the sessions more gentle.

This allows you to enjoy moments of relaxation. In addition, the Japanese sauna contributes to weight loss if the sessions are combined with a healthy diet and physical activities on measure. High level athletes can take advantage of this technology to quickly recover from their injuries.

By warming the tissues, the’the device favors the muscular regeneration.

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