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10-day beard: How to trim and maintain it maintenance ?

To have a beautiful 10 days beard, it is deserved ! And, unfortunately for us, it does not appear as a miracle.

The 10-day beard is often the ideal compromise between the 3-day beard which, if not maintained, can give a sloppy look and the long beard which is not suitable for all men. It is also important to take into account your profession when you decide to wear a beard. Depending on the profession, a long or short beard, but poorly maintained, may be strongly discouraged.

To bring a touch of virility to your look while remaining neat and trendy, the 10-day beard is made for you !

What is a 10 day beard ?

Contrary to what the’it is believed, the 10-day beard is not really obtained in 10 days. It's a lie from the depths of darkness… Well, okay, maybe not. But, in any case, it takes about 3 weeks for a beard to look like a "10-day beard".

Three weeks is the time it takes for your hair to grow all the way from your mustache to your neck, while giving you the density you need for a great beard. Your beard is thus complete but remains relatively short.

In three weeks, your hair will have grown sufficiently and can be trimmed to the desired length and shape.

Also keep in mind that not all beards grow at the same speed. We count 3 weeks for beards that grow quickly but this duration can be lengthened if your hair system is of the lazy type.

How to trim a 10-day beard ? All the info is right below.

How to trim a 10-day beard ?

To maintain your 10-day beard, you'll have to trim and pamper it. This means that you will need accessories (clippers, scissors, etc.) to keep your beard looking good.) but also care products such as special shampoo, beard oil etc.

Trim it with a beard trimmer.

A well-trimmed 10-day beard should be short and dense. You should not thin it out too much or use a clipper shoe that is too short or you will end up with a 3 day beard instead of a 10 day beard. The beard trimmer should be used with care and equipped with the right shoe (between 5 mm and 10 mm).

A badly used trimmer can create holes in the beard and force you to start from scratch.

Outline your 10-day beard.

A well-groomed beard is one that's neat and tidy. Indeed, when your hairs grow, they do not all grow at the same speed. You will end up with a few stubborn hairs that will have grown faster than the others.

They will stand out from your fleece and the whole thing won't look very elegant.

Therefore, it is advisable to outline your beard and even out the length of your hairs. For this, you have the choice between several accessories:

  • The high-precision trimmer, specially designed to outline beards and even out the length of all hairs;
  • The cabbage trimmer, also known as a barber's razor or shavette, which allows you to remove with surgical precision all the hairs that stick out. Be careful not to cut yourself with this very sharp blade.
  • The safety razor or classic razor that is easy to handle and that allows you to clearly outline your beard.

If you don't want to have to shave every other day to keep your beard clean, opt for cold or hot waxing. From home or directly at the salon, waxing is a good option to slow down hair growth and keep clean contours for several days (or even weeks for some) !).

A stencil to follow your curves.

To help you in this quest for perfect contours, don't hesitate to use a beard stencil. This accessory allows you not to go too low in your shaving or not to miss shaving the cheeks.

There are as many beard stencils as there are beard styles !

How to care for your 10-day beard ?

A 10-day beard needs daily maintenance to keep it neat and tidy.

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